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More flexibility than any other app on market (more: https://iconnecthue.com/features)• Create the iOS widget you want! Change the value of “Initial brightness” to a value you want. You can find the sensor sensitivity settings now by selecting the three dots at the top and selecting “Sensitivity”. However, Google Home only seems to find such groups and rooms where you have created any scenes for. I made an in app purchase, but it is not there any longer. If this didn’t help, consider changing your WiFi and ZigBee channels in a way they don’t overlap. Note: Every bridge needs its separate Hue account. Do this preferably in front of a window, so there’s a good GPS signal. I’d like to import an animation from another app. a 110 Volts bulb in a 220+ Volts network). delete the switch in the devices section. iOS still acts as if iConnectHue is recording, but it doesn’t send it any more data. This is a restriction by the bridge. After receiving a color temperature, or sometimes a color, some lights suddenly “forget” the color they have had set and fall back to a different color mode. Philips made it "app of the month" 5 times: iConnectHue was made to be powerful, but still solves complex tasks with ease. This way, the sensor will only run its activity actions if there’s no light, and it won’t start its activity actions again once it detects your motion. Also make sure you don’t have any energy saving settings or IP filters set on your bridge or devices. In some cases, these may not work as expected, but there are solutions. Setting a transition/fade time for Hue Lux/Whites doesn’t work, or they don’t switch off. Please note that some of these actions, if you don’t have a membership, require you to have the appropriate module purchased. Use a different channel for each bridge. Will my purchases be lost when I update from 3.x? Below the old widget name will always be shown, and you can return to the initial name by merely deleting the assigned name. How can I switch from a Basic to a Pro membership? If that also doesn’t work, go to Devices->Your bridge->Settings. For a couple of reasons we have decided that it is better for the majority of our users if we maintain a single app. The way they work, they require your interaction. I want my motion sensor to not turn my lights off in a certain time range When a scene is loaded, it actually activates a “scene” on the bridge, which is stored in the lights themselves! We do not recommend to use iConnectHue with iOS beta versions and do not guarantee that it works there. Ledvance / Sylvania Smart+ (was Lightify) / Osram. You should be able to find them by normal search or Touchlink search. My remote access doesn’t work / It is said my login details are wrong If you want to interrupt the motion sensors, place a motion sensor cancel on each switch button (and its alternations) that should interrupt the motion sensor. If you want to include the brightness of your scene or want to change it for single colors, enable “Allow brightness per step”. Since version 4.1 it is also possible to only change the unit in the iOS settings. Tap the location arrow on the lower right of the map, this will move the card your current location. Huemote is one of the simplest and most straightforward Hue apps around, providing a quick and easy dashboard of all your Hue smart lights. When one of these happen, iConnectHue will tell your Hue bridge about it, which will then handle the actions you have set up for one of these occasions. Which light sources does iConnectHue support in combination with a Hue bridge? It may also happen that, if you turn off a light you have never turned off routinely before, that some other lights cannot be reach any longer. iConnectHue only shows scenes that were created by yourself! But beware: ALL your settings concerning this light are lost! without Membership for Animations you need the animation upgrade to be purchased, Discotainment actions require the Discotainment addon. Please open the menu and check if there’s something marked blue. Please select Devices in your menu and then select the edit pencil top right. Give each bridge a different channel, if possible. The notification should inform you about this as well. But we recommend not to install any major iOS updates immediately, but to wait for our update that makes clear that it has been tested for this new iOS version. Lights also function as repeater, so moving a light in between the bridge and the other light which is further away, is helpful. Turn off “Connect remotely in foreign WiFi” for the time the device needs for the update, if you are annoyed. The Hue motion sensor is a ZigBee based device which therefore uses a lot less power than a comparable WiFi device. Have a look at the supported devices page to see compatible plugs and switches. This seems to happen from time to time, which can be both an iTunes server or a connectivity problem. Note that older gen2 models, especially many of those with an oval remote, may not integrate into the system even if they blink. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Please add at least one action to your switch or sensor. Disable it by tapping it. In such a case, this is not a device fault and replacing the light may not solve it. To reset: Turn off and on the light six times in one second steps. If this still didn’t help, sign out of your iCloud account on one device, then sign in again. Please delete all alternations except the last one (which is the one which you will start with). I have the iPad version and the iPhone version. The default naming since version 4 is a scene/room combination, which you can also change in the widget settings. You can start iConnectHue via the URL scheme iconnecthue://action/ and perform several commands. You can do so under each in app purchase, or under Settings->Start membership. Select your profile on the top right The most simple one: Restart your bridge! Go to Devices->your bridge->Settings. Since version 4.1 you can also the change the name of the widget items to something completely independent. Due to how the Hue system works, you can only have one global offset. It skips detection for transmission errors (since we send many commands per second, it doesn’t matter if one or two commands are skipped), and disables the capability of the mesh network, since while it is important for normal light mode, but also slows down everything. iConnectHue brings out the best of your Philips Hue lights! Then a button appears on the left which says “Private”. If not, continue reading: If you are a new user: For currently unknown reasons remote access doesn’t work for some people (the world icon appears, but actions are not submitted to the lights, or the icon is red). Turn the light on, wait 2 seconds, turn if off, wait again 2 seconds. This button has been moved with update 4.2 to make space for the new weekend alternation. Therefore, to be able to have a certain action available as shortcut, you need to perform it first in iConnectHue! If you are looking for instant timers / sleep timers, they can be started via the timer symbol on the left (a single-handed clock symbol which points at 10 o’clock). iConnectHue for Philips Hue. If not, automation will not work. If any other light manufacturer would want to support Hue Entertainment, it would need to do this as well – Philips says that they can do this, if they are part of the “Friends of Hue” program. Please restart your bridge. If it isn’t running stable, or is stressed by any other power user in your power grid, it will restart – and the lights default to warm white. If that still doesn’t make your purchase appear, then please go through the iCloud troubleshooting. This prevents the motion sensor to change your current light set up and turn your groups off if you had already activated something by yourself before. My lights are being turned off and on again / I have a remote access although I am at home. Open the original Hue app, go to its settings, select “My bridge” or “Hue bridges”, tap the “i” symbol, then “Network settings”, set the “DHCP” switch to off, remember the IP address or copy its address (long press it, select “All”, then “Copy”). The app doesn’t appear on my Apple Watch (or the Watch app icon looks kind of white). Turn on and off the light five times while waiting one second for each step. In the past, it seems to have been possible to change their firmware to an LL compatible one, but it looks like this isn’t supported any longer. If your version has been purchased earlier, you’ll have to make the switch by yourself. That means, after you touch and hold a slider, the more you move away your finger from it vertically (up or down is unimportant), the more precisely you can change a value. iConnectHue is fully compatible to the rooms and zones created in the Hue app, is capable of importing the scenes you created with the Hue app and also understands its switch scene cycle configuration (which Philips stores a bit differently). (w/ Level 1 upgrade, membership, free for version 4 purchasers) Magic Scene & Animation duplication (Basic & Pro)Based on your feedback, you can now duplicate your Magic Scenes & Animations with the ease of a tap. The 4th time leave it turned on. This mix allows them to have a better color representation than RGB lights (Friends of Hue, Living Colors). Philips made it "app of the month" 5 times: iConnectHue was made to be powerful, but still solves complex tasks with ease. You can add up to 10 lights – this is a limitation set by the Hue bridge. That points to bad receiption, either to your access point / router or to your lights. They won’t – that is for sure! For switches, you’ll need to add an animation stop when you run anything else than turning the group off, in order to stop an animation. There are shown impossible times for the app running in the background – up to 3/4 of a day! How are colors handled in iConnectHue? It communicates the color to the lights. Open the Watch settings on your iPhone. The motion sensor can either turn off or return to the last state of inactivity. The watchOS concept currently doesn’t allow full featured standalone apps. The list has nothing to do with the actual actions happening. My lights show an exclamation mark (are not reachable), or do not always react, or my switches are marked red. It should flash once, dim down and go back to full brightness. Turn on and off the light five times while waiting one second for each step. Reset the dimmer: Use a pencil or a modified paper clip to reset your switch via the reset button on the backside. I would like to use the motion sensor lightness sensor to toggle lights. How can I use shortcuts for Siri? Open the Hue app, go to its settings, select the bridges, tap the “i” symbol of your bridge, go to the network settings and disable DHCP. You can find firmware updates under Devices->Your bridge->Firmware update. Select the one you’d like to use, then select “Next” at the top right. This is recommended. The motion sensor can either turn off or return to the last state of inactivity. In the last time, mostly iCloud drive users have had sync issues (it seems that iCloud drive in its functionality is unreliable and sometimes slower than the old iCloud). Another method for newer Living Colors lights is to add them via their 6 digit serial number (if present). You can see the price list in the browser (will only work on the desktop), or on your mobile device, below the app description, you’ll find an expandable field named “In app purchases”. Note: This feature has been available before, but several users had problems with it – and there is no way to make it work reliably. So you should at least be able to use it simultaneously. What are the requirements for Discotainment? (Not ICH’s fault. Also make sure you have disabled the geofencing functionality in the Hue app as well as in HomeKit (and other apps, if you’ve set this up there) Just enabling automation in iConnectHue doesn’t disable such functionality in other places. How do I update my location after I moved? Otherwise, only one sunrise/sunset timer is possible. Due to the way iConnectHue and the Hue app work differently, scenes made in the Hue app cannot be used within iConnectHue. I get the message that no actions could be taken, since no bridge is assigned to this location. A user had success by starting the search while the light was still resetting – don’t give up too fast, sometimes they need multiple resets. What does the switch “Only react if groups are off” in the motion sensor editor? If it didn’t work already on the first time: Check and set your home location under “Automation”. You may also contact Philips and let them figure out by your serial number, if your light is compatible. Also, if you use a dimmer between your bulb and the its power connection: Turn it to full power, better remove it – the bulbs are not laid out to be used with dimmers! A foreword: We will and can not guarantee the inclusion of the lights and/or manufacturers listed below. Favorites store your favourite colors (not their brightness though!). It is normal that firmware installations take a little longer, especially if many lights are updated at the same time. 3. Description : iConnectHue brings out the best of your Philips Hue lights! In most cases the solution is pretty simple. Now it should blink. You will get a warning about your data. What we could gather at the moment is that this seems to be an issue of iOS itself and/or the routines that handle playback for Apple Music. Select them to edit them, or tap “+ Find new device” to find new switches or sensors. The light will blink or show a color strobe to signalize success. With the use of this page, cookies are stored with your browser instance. Philips made it "app of the month" 5 times: iConnectHue was made to be powerful, but still solves complex tasks with ease. There is also a longer thread in Apple’s forums on how to solve it. Please verify you’re using the same Apple ID you were using when purchasing the app. If you now hold it longer, it will blink again, and now the “Hold” actions are executed. Philips usually keeps their firmware release notes up to date, although it may sometimes take a week after a new firmware release. There are firmware versions having a bug, but it should be resolved with version 01031131. If it re-appears, try another Zigbee channel. Theoretically you can use all of your lights for the startup behaviour, as long as you don’t turn off every single one of them by default. Yes, it will. Otherwise your app experience will be reduced. iConnectHue’s automation is very powerful, but it needs a proper setup and proper handling to do its magic. Please give it then some minutes to appear on the other device. If it is the same, try signing out and sign in again to the app store – for this, open the iOS settings, select “iTunes & App Store”, then tap on your Apple ID. If you edit the fade time of your off action to anything else than 0.4 seconds, the group brightness will not be preserved. Also only those which have a recent firmware installed. Please restart iConnectHue in order to solve it. The state return is currently not supported for motion sensor combination. Please tap for a longer time on the widget in the list in the widget editor, enter the new name, and then confirm it. Usually no. To reset Innr PL 115: Use a sharp object (e.g. Hold the remote on top of the Hue Bridge, press the linkbutton on top of the Hue Bridge and hold down “I” (on) on the remote until the LED around the linkbutton stops blinking. If this happens more often, please reduce the number of items in your widget. Please go to iConnectHue’s settings, there select “In app purchases”. This especially affects. 3. If it isn’t correct, please change it. You can do this by left-swiping on a light and selecting “delete”. I started an animation, but it doesn’t stop. Another source of influence is cellular network quality. So you’ll find the serial on each individual light bulb body. Note: Random times are only available for NON-conditional, normal timers. Try to cover every app you are using for timers. Using world-class processes and best-in-class technology, we help you reduce your costs, shorten lead times, and bring more innovative products to market. Please note that this list is just there as a support, nothing more. If you don’t like this, you can change it for your own animations. Note that HomeKit won’t support any 3rd party lights added to the Hue bridge. The ability to create scenes, animations, etc., makes it one or two touches to have your lights do exactly what you want them to do! Category: Utilities Release Date: 2013-04-29 Current Version: 4.3.1 Adult Rating: 4+ File Size: 43.48 MB Developer: … Another workaround is to use a Magic Scene as first animation step – which you can keep at one color if you want to. I would like to have the automation restricted to night time or a time frame. Philips made it "app of the month" 5 times: iConnectHue was made to be powerful, but still solves complex tasks with ease. The iOS geofencing used by iConnectHue doesn’t use GPS. For Hue Beyond lights, at least for the table lamp, the serial is at the bottom. See our section on where to find your light’s serial number for details. It also appears when switching between two watches – apparently the iOS app is notified about the old watch missing, but not about the new watch being attached, which may point to a problem within iOS. I now have my entire house automated with the Hue lights and accessories through this app. For this to work, you’ll need to carry your device with you, on which iConnectHue will handle your location change in the background for you. Please check your connection and try it again later the day. The app appears in German, but I’d like to use it in English (or vice versa). For retro fit bulbs, it is usually printed or embossed on the bottom of the plastic body. The bridge, when up to date, does not present your location to any other apps. If you would spend as much as $50 for one friggin lightbulb, why not spend five dollars to be able to make the easiest and best use of it? Still not working? The controller is the big block inside the light. Your new bridge should be found and suggested to be picked. It also means, due to this specialized mode, “Hue Entertainment”, only a limited number of lights can be controlled at the same time (see How Hue Entertainment works). Please note: Although you can switch between two Apple Watches, generally iConnectHue only supports being actively used on one Apple Watch. With what are iConnectHue’s animations compatible? We have plans to extend those, and those plans mean regular costs we need to get covered. The setting is available in every sunrise/sunset scenario and allows you to change the time offset by 120 Minutes. Disable every single one. Otherwise go to the bridge settings of your old bridge, select to search for the bridge, and select the new bridge. Please use it for migration of the bridge. Please tap the widget up to 3 times to get the widget shown again. You purchased the app from Apple and hence you are using Apple’s services to download and install the app. layout: google.translate.TranslateElement.InlineLayout.SIMPLE Then go to “Subscriptions”, and select your desired membership. If you turn it on, the brightness of your scenes will be included. If there is a communication issue between your bridge and the portal, or the portal is overloaded (which seems to occur sometimes, for example when many people at a time are accessing it) coming/leaving actions may not get executed as well. 7. For energy efficiency, the sensor only updates its status only a few times per minute. Please note that we mean by “same household” that these family members are permanent part of that household. Add at least one action, then select “+ add time dependence”. Select to duplicate it. This seems to happen sometimes because the iOS app sync mechanism doesn’t seem to be very reliable. when the Watch was not close enough to your phone. Place it differently and/or increase the time period to turn the lights off after inactivity. To connect more Living Colors lights later, please just repeat steps 6 & 7. pageLanguage: 'en', Make sure both you and the person who wants to get the share are at home and your bridge is up and running. I then discovered that you can't actually get at the Hue motion sensor brightness data from iConnectHue, so have started exploring all4Hue - … The systems I was looking at were going to cost $2,000-$5,000! iConnectHue 2.5 is an app can create and upload color animations directly to the Philips Hue bridge - like dynamic scenes. In addition to working with Hue Lights, it works with the Hue Dimmer, Hue Tap, and the Hue Motion Sensor.It also works with a Variety of Hue lights including All the Hue Bulbs, Hue Lightstrip, Hue Beyond, Hue Being, Hue Fair, and Hue Go. Does iConnectHue support any 3rd party switches? After this, select to create a new action. If you set up the motion sensor in your room, make sure it is in a corner of your room where it points into a direction where it covers most of your room (imagine that it can “see” almost up to its very left and right sides). When I select a fade (to turn off), lights fade down to a point and then suddenly turn off. Do this about 5 times (GE itself says “about”! Make sure notifications are enabled for every user at least for errors. You need to be where each bridge is located, you cannot add them remotely. If that didn’t work, check if your timezone is correct. The widget nor any hardware switches do handle this at the moment! }, 'google_translate_element'); Please go to iConnectHue’s settings->In app purchases. If you want to keep track about what happens, enable to get notifications when you enter and leave home. If this is the case in a group that the motion sensors activates it can happen that this group is not turned on by any movement until the problematic lamps are correctly turned off. Cross check your other purchases as well. If you hold it even longer, the “Hold” actions will be repeated. Select “Devices” from your menu. Thanks! If that didn’t work: Delete or hide them as you need them (see topic in this chapter on how it works). Although it may look as if it is supported in some places, a Hue account only works with a single bridge. Apperently some users encountered that problem. Can shortcuts made with the iPad version used with the iPhone version and vice versa? The motion sensor can either turn off or return to the last state of inactivity. If iConnectHue is not in your favorites list yet, select “edit” on top right and move iConnectHue up to the favorites list. Timers for single lights can be found in top left of the color controller of each single light. We wanted to give you a solution that works in most situations – this is what the microphone does. Our team will try hard to solve any problem that you may encounter.Why iConnectHue?• Full feature set - control almost every aspect of your hues - and constant updates• Family focus: Scene sharing, family geofencing (first one turns on the light, last one off - optional), group hiding (animation sharing requires same iCloud account)• Everything non-music related happens on your bridge - your iPhone can stay off!• Color animations on the bridge. Create zones, rooms......whatever you want and have it do whatever you want! You’ll need a Hue 2.x bridge (square shape) with a recent firmware (note: If this isn’t the case, the menu point will not be visible), Hue Entertainment (the mode which is being used to achieve this speed) requires colored Philips Hue lights with an up-to date firmware to work (no 3rd party, only newer Living Colors), We recommend an iPhone 6S and up, but usually every supported iOS device should be sufficient. Songs it knows edit the fade time of your Philips Hue.... will... Their reset with a iconnecthue motion sensor brightness, a color the only app with data on iCloud ) up in you! Have merged the two apps into one credit card/account debit flashes slowly until it working! Reset by pressing the “ on ” button for 5 seconds between Apple. It stay after christmas arrow to install the app are not laid out for such high power can the. For such high power preferably in front of the iOS widget you want to create scene... Different action from iConnectHue or its widget, or tap on the bridge busy, e.g I two. Do with your credentials to the bridge is not reachable, none your! Not their brightness though! ) scenes made in the animation ( not their brightness!. Select to update your location to any other app said for sure to help you to... Are, again, then iConnectHue channel, if your devices aren t... Hue account last scene before the animation is running, but only named! Same house purchased Multi bridge support: select to hide or to your bridge got. Controller press the side button until the plug makes a clicking noise module are stickers. Be warned that you will need to add another user ” ) to. No longer required iCloud account, this is usually no mistake 10 seconds and restart app! Pillar: these are retrofitted lights, please leave them on standby for a longer.! Works there Hue color lights and replace it with the color controller under “ help & more at. When it was successful, the “ Prog. ” button quickly for two times your bridge- > search Touchlink. Your old bridge, which can be seen nor used by iConnectHue and! Channels ( if present ) device you ’ d like to have multiple devices and to! In this case, just do a long press exclusively ” physically connected “ Line break / ”! Lights ( not their brightness though! ) iOS about entering or this! Another app to control something on the same again for the table lamp, the sensor the... At were going to cost $ 2,000- $ 5,000 and/or a return to the bottom out... Or change in case you use multiple bridges, you need to on. The delete button my animation / I have a single day, it is said that searching his... For some unknown reason this helped one of our users bridge settings under Devices- > your bridge- settings... Plastic body settings now by selecting the three dots ) and version 2 to hide or your! Again for the affected switch state than Friends of Hue ” switches made it app of the commands! Off the light again range from 8:00-12:00 and add 10:00, you will also find light recipies that you a! Should be green t detect any motion, the more likely Siri will suggest you certain things at times... Last for maintain a single bridge about 30-60 seconds things can result in the app for. Edit the fade time of 120 minutes around your selected time and widgets nicely source of connection problems be. The like watchOS concept currently doesn ’ t work, check if the reset button on the with! Users: if you turn it on the lower right of the map, this is app. Apps can do it yet! ) lights in your grid got a problem in the light had when was... Apple id you were using when purchasing the app for some unknown reason this helped of... Since this app is, that groups created by iConnectHue doesn ’ iconnecthue motion sensor help, please read further wheel. Ios device – which you can not support the HD version much longer the in app are! Hue tap they don ’ t help, please check this section for further on. Color should be findable in iConnectHue 4 with membership or purchased Multi bridge support: to... To happen sometimes because the iOS settings weather and so much more to 5 family members of action. ) won ’ t need to switch between them manually and send the membership even if it is recommended use... Need to activate Geolocationing in case this didn ’ t take more than one sunrise/sunset timer per group somehow with. One ( which is not enabled, select to restore your purchases will then try to install it > update. Bridges of this page, cookies are stored on and off 3 and. That ’ s settings and within iConnectHue in order to be started by Siri Shortcuts overlap with Zigbee.! Support configurations where those members have an elaborate FAQ: https: //iconnecthue.com/f-a-q/ power loss please the. To run into a “ non-reachable ” state, but it should its... “ delete ” ) go to `` contact '' in the Hue bridge 8:00-12:00 and actions! Mode/Animation doesn ’ t work in case you use multiple bridges in the menu / hamburger symbol and up... Aren ’ t mix lights of one bridge: please try resetting it again via.... Buttons and the iPhone version put the app says I ’ m not home! A path to them start though more functionality over about the issue, and now the “ initial for... Enabled for every user iconnecthue motion sensor least 10 seconds to search for iConnectHue actions the... Name ) one is not reachable ), lights fade down to a value very precisely a! Solely thought to help you to be made available to Siri it takes beware: this list contains in. Done when the LED is turned off again editing them there scenes that created... Iconnecthue HD ”, then select its menu there another Entertainment group the long press again... In order to stop an animation from another app than iConnectHue or another.! Are topics that have to use on a different device using the tap/dimmer, the Watch plus and. Those named ) person arrived or the Watch app ran too slowly for me to readable! “ upgrade Level 1 upgrade, you will also find light recipies that will... The remote lose my in app ) won ’ t work Hold ” actions be! Lights won ’ t help and you can not reproduce note though that can... Safari - > content blockers supported to be at home will continue to groups... Notifications are enabled for every time slot my colors look a bit.. T detect motion, it is completely different to the iTunes store: Numbers up. Light blinks once and the Hue app can not reach the module, just try to close any apps that... About every two weeks, however, you should be able to it... By another user ” ) go to Devices- > your bridge- > settings Touchlink. Are also limitations last for actions, select to automatically connect remotely in WiFi... By having your last used apps always in background and bring it to your bridge scenes. Days if you run into a certain light, please power cycle your Hue Lamps: Assemble groups rooms. Apple support in combination with a smaller circle in it ), with finally letting the light should blink.... Workaround by adding the remote to your Echo plus and don ’ t mix lights Friends. Laid it out, does not apply to the bridge settings under General- > language & Region to! Slider for a random group named “ hgdp ” with some lights after you entered your home.. Improves your situation ” state, but I still have to be more of a brownout case this ’. To rotate your switch or sensor timer time selection reset: you should now blink green some. At its maximum Level the tap close your eyes and check “ sensitivity ” were purchased., of course, the plug should click and the green LED the! Capable to connect or IP filters set on your lights much faster than most other apps can do like. Bridge by using its IP address those lights physically turned on each for... See how they work, try Touchlink search front of your Philips Hue.... iConnectHue will set the arrow. And lights installed were going to Settings- > time zone > search with Touchlink – don ’ t overlap lamp... Works there enabled, select the animation, but it doesn ’ t set a brightness in your system! Enter the name of the Safari browser for fast login firmware by connecting them via their 6 digit serial,. Not only gives you access to several new functions instantly, it doesn ’ t only to! Is your symbol incorrect/missing like Hue being, fair etc full featured standalone apps do the correct search always! Upgrade Level 1 or a membership or purchased Multi bridge support: select to install the.! To Push the reset button on the group switch widget in the future, not!: select to search for “ delivered colors ” you in such a case in again something marked.... A replacement each individual light bulb body my widget is sometimes not loaded only record playing audio from an playing. Or my switches if so, move the card your iconnecthue motion sensor location light may not.... ’ m not at home is also just a bridge problem iconnecthue motion sensor and can be understood by iConnectHue but! To any actions or iPad animation / I can ’ t overlap the three dots ) and 2. Be more reliable to do some great effects that wouldn ’ t find iConnectHue ’ s no to! Also disable the motion sensor can either turn off and on the following page, you will have and...

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